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Will you help me App My State? – Victorian Government’s Gov 2.0 initiative

Last year I enjoyed participating in the Lonely Planet / GovHack Hack Day where the team I was in created an application to get people to convert to solar power – mySolarSaver. We were lucky enough to win the Gov 2.0 prize, and got to meet Nicholas Gruen, the head of the Australian Government’s Gov [...]


The right direction for good service

This Christmas I’ve decided to leave the warm temperatures in Melbourne and spend the holidays in sub-zero Europe (it almost sounds a bit crazy, really). Those of you who have ever done the Kangaroo Route will know it’s a long trip! Approximately 24 hours in the air with a brief stopover, and you’ve just about [...]

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IDEO’s Bill Moggridge at Design Victoria

The stars aligned to enable me to attend Bill Moggridge’s breakfast talk at Design Victoria last week. I hadn’t really been aware of Design Victoria and their events calendar until I happened across it by mistake a couple of weeks ago.
Design Victoria is
a Victorian Government initiative delivered by RMIT University in collaboration with [...]


How not to re-design a supermarket checkout

I work near a Coles Supermarket (for non-Australians: one of the two biggest supermarket chains). I go there most days. I notice when they change things. And lately, they’ve been changing things a lot.
The biggest change for shoppers like me (few items, frequent visits) has been the ‘12 items or less’ checkouts. The checkout area [...]

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