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Is this jaywalking?

Near my office there is a tram stop located in the middle of the road. You can access it from the street crossing at the intersection, or from the other end of the platform, further up the road.
At the end of the platform furthest from the intersection (shown in the pictures), there is affordance [...]

user experience

Passenger safety has a price

A few months ago, I praised what I saw to be a great safety improvement in the way Yarra Trams highlighted doors so that passengers and drivers could see them more easily.

See how clearly marked the doors were.
As my tram approached this morning, I was a bit surprised to see that the doors [...]

customer service

Trains, trams and customer experience

Whilst in Japan in January, I used the train services quite a lot. Japan is a very densely populated nation and major cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka are particularly crowded. However the country is somewhat legendary for its efficient and effective train services. Trains are a popular, reliable and speedy way of travelling [...]

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Improving the taxi experience for the vision-impaired

On a recent trip to Canberra I noticed that taxis now have the vehicle number printed in braille next to the passenger door handles.
I have to say, I had never particularly thought about the taxi experience of a vision-impaired person, but like any other taxi cab customer, vision-impaired people may need to take note [...]