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Tweet for service

I was in San Francisco in August to attend the UX Week conference. At about 3.30pm on the last day of the conference – Friday – JetBlue sent me an email to say they had cancelled my flight to Boston on the Sunday.
I had accommodation booked in Boston, and in New York, where [...]

customer service

Improving the taxi experience for the vision-impaired

On a recent trip to Canberra I noticed that taxis now have the vehicle number printed in braille next to the passenger door handles.
I have to say, I had never particularly thought about the taxi experience of a vision-impaired person, but like any other taxi cab customer, vision-impaired people may need to take note [...]


How not to re-design a supermarket checkout

I work near a Coles Supermarket (for non-Australians: one of the two biggest supermarket chains). I go there most days. I notice when they change things. And lately, they’ve been changing things a lot.
The biggest change for shoppers like me (few items, frequent visits) has been the ‘12 items or less’ checkouts. The checkout area [...]

customer service