IDEO’s Bill Moggridge at Design Victoria

The stars aligned to enable me to attend Bill Moggridge’s breakfast talk at Design Victoria last week. I hadn’t really been aware of Design Victoria and their events calendar until I happened across it by mistake a couple of weeks ago.

Design Victoria is

a Victorian Government initiative delivered by RMIT University in collaboration with industry stakeholders to increase the competitive skills of designers in local and export markets, while developing the design innovation and excellence capabilities of small to medium enterprises in Victoria

Bill’s talk, ‘Designing Innovation’, gave us a brief insight into IDEO and some its clients and projects. After trawling the web, I discovered that what Bill presented was a mix of previous presentations from the past few years, some of which are available in slide form (PDF).

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How not to re-design a supermarket checkout

I work near a Coles Supermarket (for non-Australians: one of the two biggest supermarket chains). I go there most days. I notice when they change things. And lately, they’ve been changing things a lot.

The biggest change for shoppers like me (few items, frequent visits) has been the ‘12 items or less’ checkouts. The checkout area has been re-designed in such a way that has caused confusion, anxiety, and even fights between customers!

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customer service

Lonely Planet / GovHack Hack Day

Over the weekend I attended the Lonely Planet / Govhack Melbourne event (tweet tag: #melhack) at Lonely Planet headquarters in Footscray

I was lucky enough to be invited to join a team of Victorian Government people – Amanda, Conan, and Simon – who had a great idea using some Department of Sustainability and Environment Sustainability Victoria (Thanks Elissa!) data around potential economic and environmental solar hot water savings.

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Hello world!

After so many years working and playing on the web, I decided it was time to start sharing some of my experience, and starting a discussion with people to see what you think about issues that are important to me.

I haven’t yet taken the time to create my own blog template (bad form for a front-end coder!), but I thought it better to start with function before form. I will get around to it eventually…

Alright – enough of the introductions; let the blogging begin!